Dancing in the Rain

Australia has voted to retain its conservative government. For some this is good news, for others, bad. Regardless of where you stand, there will always be winners and losers in every election. Indeed, we experience the ups and downs of winning and losing throughout our lives in many different ways: the job that we “won” or the promotion that we failed to “win”; relationships where we have “won” or “lost” the love of a partner; football or other sporting teams we support that have winning or losing streaks.  Whether we like it or not, competition with its winners and losers is an integral part of life.

How we respond to the challenges of life’s ups and downs defines us as a person.  Every true champion has faced adversity and risen above it.  The key is having the right attitude.  We all know people who have a “glass half full” outlook and others who see the “glass half empty”.  Actively looking for the positives instead of focusing on the negatives is a start. Equally important is the ability to keep your eye on the big picture – the end game – and not get dragged down when you experience a setback.

Yoga helps us deal with life’s challenges through its body-mind-soul connection. It begins by preparing the body, as a healthy body is needed for a healthy mind.  Next comes the calming of the mind and, with it, finding a deeper connection with the soul.  When we find this connection, we learn to see the beauty that is life – the beauty that lies deep within each soul.  Yoga teaches us to be present – to live in and appreciate every moment.  When we can keep our eye on the big picture – how amazing and beautiful life is – and apply this to every moment, then we truly know how to dance in the rain.