Retreat! Centenary Yoga Retreats Brisbane & Gold Coast at Springbrook

Slow down and Retreat into Nature and Yourself. Centanry Yoga Springbrook Retreats offer exceptional food and experiences to practise, meditate and simply unplug. … Continue reading >Retreat! Centenary Yoga Retreats Brisbane & Gold Coast at Springbrook

The transformative power of Retreats
 Who is dreaming of a quiet, peaceful retreat in Nature with no chores, being looked after with great food, Yoga and Meditation?

I love Retreats, getting away from life’s minutiae with incredible people and experiences with the opportunities to breathe, reflect and go within for incredble transformations, particularly when we open our Beginners’ minds. And wonder….

Retreats in nature, with guidance from exceptional teachers, possess a transformative power. In the heart of the serene Mountainscape of Springbrook, away from the demands of daily life, we can become a canvas for our own self-discovery. 

The magic of the Mountain, whispering trees, the Quiet! and the soothing melody of flowing water bring a sense of Peace, and invite introspection and contemplation. And Rest.
Our Retreats allow real slowing down amid nature’s embrace allows us to reconnect with our inner voice, unlocking hidden potentials and deepening self-awareness.
In these moments of stillness, profound realizations can take root, fostering personal growth and healing.

Accompanied by the wisdom of our amazing teachers, Centenary Yoga retreats are sacred spaces, offering transformative insights and guiding transformational journeys. The combination of nature’s tranquility, reflective contemplation, and the wisdom of exceptional teachers creates a powerful alchemy, inquiring & reshaping perspectives, nurturing resilience, and illuminating the path toward self-discovery and inner peace.

2024 Springbrook Retreat Dates:
Feb 15th – 18th (Thurs – Sunday) FULLY BOOKED waitlist open
June 14th – 16th (Fri-Sun) NEW DATES, will be open for bookings next week.
Sept 18th – 22nd (Wed – Sun) Bookings open. 5 day retreat with 3 day option, $200 deposit.
Bali Retreat? I’m looking into booking our first international retreat July 2024. Watch this space!

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  1. Hi,
    This is Vickie Barron. I am interested in your yoga retreat at Springbrook being held in February 2025 Melissa Lambreth mentioned my name to you regarding this event. If possible I would love to attend. I`ve heard great things about this yoga retreat experience.

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