Do you have 5 minutes for meditation


Today's newsletter is simply to ask the question - do you have 5 minutes for meditation?

People tell me they can't meditate. I say '…you sit still ….and do nothing for 5 minutes; how hard can it be?' (which in no way detracts from the masses of literature on how to meditate and some of the deeper practices). Let’s start with some of the misconceptions! Meditation is NOT:

*  Trying to still your mind. The mind won't still on your command. The mind may settle and calm during the process but this is not the ‘goal’ of mediatation.

*  Religious or ritualistic. You don't need candles or incense; just a place you can sit comfortably

*   Relaxation. During meditation, your mind will change from active beta waves to alpha & theta. These are the brain patterns activated during a yoga class, after which you feel relaxed but energised and aware. When you return to you busy beta activity, you will retain some of the alpha state.

How to start? find 5 minutes during today when you can unplug from requiring yourself to 'do' anything. I set a timer. Sit comfortably on a chair OR on the floor - doesn't matter as long as the spine is straight. Close your eyes if it feels OK. Notice the sounds that you can hear without attaching a mental story to them. Voices, birds, traffic, wind.... and when you notice the mind taking you into a thought pattern, gently bring your awareness back to sounds. Relax the body and change position slightly if necessary keeping the spine straight. When the timer sounds, rise and go gently into the rest of your day.

Try it - 5 minutes for 7 days. Let me know if you notice any positive effects or simply nothing at all!