How to find 5 minutes for meditation


Sourced from the Deepak Chopra centre and thanks to Dono Stender…….

‘Half an hour’s meditation each day is essential, except when you are busy. Then a full hour is needed.’ St Francis de Sales

I love this quote. No, I don’t yet spend an hour or even half an hour each day – yet. ‘Good things take time’ and I’m working up to it. Having experienced myself how much meditation has improved my anxiety, industry, happiness and general well-being, I am making an effort to prioritize it as part of (and sometimes the ONLY part of) my daily practice.

And as you know, I recommend starting with 5 minutes; then as you discover the benefits, you may work up to 15 or 20 minutes as I do. But how do you even begin to source those precious 5 minutes amongst your myriad of competing agendas? Here are some ideas from the Chopra Centre. I do the first one. I used to wake in a state of panic and anxiety and found that making myself sit for those first few minutes of the day settled my mind and emotions for a much more productive and happier day. Let me know if any of these strategies work for you!

  1. Get Up, Then Sit Down: Wake up just five minutes earlier than you normally would and then sit right down and meditate. Even one or two minutes of meditation each day could make a world of difference in your mindset and ability to be more productive. Once you feel good about it and it becomes part of your morning routine, you can always increase the time.
  2. Meditate, Then Drive: Got a commute? If you take time at the end of your work day to meditate right before you jump in your car, your commute home will be a more pleasant experience and your potentially challenging transition between work and home life will be eased.
  3. Have Meditation for Lunch: If you begin to pair your meditation with lunch, pretty soon you’ll make a powerful association that will make lunchtime meditation an easy habit.
  4. Schedule a Meditation Break: Schedule a 5-minute break on your calendar. You can also try using a smartphone app like Headspace, The Mindfulness App or Insight Timer to set meditation reminders and timers. Many also offer access to easy-to-follow guided meditations.
  5. Take One Minute, Five Times a Day: If you still think it’s too hard to carve out 5 consecutive minutes in your day, try scheduling one-minute meditations five times. Whether it’s right when you wake up, right when you get to work, between meetings, at lunch, before leaving work, before dinner or before bed, there are plenty of one-minute opportunities in even the busiest of days.

We can all relate to not having enough time in life, but you’ll soon find that you actually have more time when you take time meditate – because you’ll be more focused, productive and efficient with the time you do have.

Increasing your productivity while feeling less time-starved and stressed is just one important reason to make meditating your natural way of living.