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Membership Partners

Michelle Rekowski, InTune Wellness Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy as it is an effective and profound tool to help treat the whole person, giving the body an opportunity to return to health.
I help people to balance their bodies so they can become pain free, improve their health and reduce the effects of stress.
A Bowen treatment, whilst mainly used for muscular/ skeletal issues, benefits you on many levels. Balancing the structure of the body helps any pain, injury, or strain. Bowen also switches your nervous system from flight and flight mode to relax and heal/repair mode which supports all body systems. Bowen is beneficial for everyone!
I have spent the last 12 years immersing myself in the art of Bowen Therapy, achieving a Diploma of Specialised Bowen Therapy. I am a student of renowned world class Bowen practitioners, and I continue to increase my knowledge and skills to support my clients.
I love what I do as I have a great passion for supporting people to achieve and maintain their optimal wellbeing.

Bowen Therapist BTFA T17522
Phone: 0417 421527


Danielle Fourie, Coach with Dani Naturopathy

My name is Dani. I am a Bachelor qualified naturopath and nutritionist, as well as a certified coach and practitioner of NLP, ECT® and Hypnosis.
My personal health & life journey lead me to what I do now. I spent years of my life trying to shift excess weight and hating my own reflection. I went through multiple fad diets and so-called magic pills, and all I did was damage my health more.
It is because of my journey, and the way I eventually came out of it stronger and healthier than ever, that I do what I now do.
I work with those of you who are ready to shift away from diet culture and into a space that can create lasting results to weight, wellness and more.
I provide you with the roadmap back to body confidence, abundant energy and your dream future self…if you’re daring enough to do what it takes to make your dreams come true.
There are many offerings that I provide including naturopathic and nutritional services, Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) sessions, Emotional Change Technqiue® (ECT®) sessions and Hypnotherapy.
Contact me via email or social media if you’d like more information.
I offer free 30 minute calls to discuss what may be best for you and your goals.
Head to: for important links and booking information.
Social media:

Csilla Newham, Csilla Newham Kinesiology

My name is Csilla. I am a kinesiologist and ENAR therapist ( ENAR = Energy Neuro Adaptive Regulator which is a medical device). I also have a degree in Textile manufacturing and engineering and a second degree in Business and Marketing.

I started studying kinesiology 15 years ago and then had 2 beautiful children along the way.

In kinesiology I work with the body in a holistic way, at physical, nutritional, energetic, emotional and neurological level. I use muscle testing (Neuro – Muscular Feedback mechanism) to access and release stress and blockages in the body at any of those levels. This process activates and stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms.

ENAR is an Electro Neuro Adaptive Regulator which gives out electrical impulses to stimulate nerves, muscles, organs and glands and promote the body’s own healing mechanism. Your nervous system communicates through electrical impulses so it is an extremely powerful tool to clear stress and blockages.

Kinesiology benefits most physical, emotional and neuro conditions, however I specialise in the following areas:

  • reducing pain (muscular, emotion, mental, neurological)
  • clearing pathogens (virus, bacteria, fungus, parasites )
  • balancing immune system (autoimmune, inflammation, allergies, immune depression)
  • gut health
  • supporting detoxification pathways (liver, gall bladder, kidney, lymphatic system, digestion ,lung, hydration, skin, immune system, )
  • reducing and releasing stress – “deactivate” your fight or flight system and  calming unbalanced adrenals
  • supporting the nervous system in many different ways (reduce inflammation in nerves, clear damages nerve cells, wake up stress nerve cells, increase communication between nerves cells )

I combine my kinesiology skills and Enar therapy and I love seeing my clients transform their lives.

Phone: 0422948099


Gail Tumes, Sumet Bodyworx

Hello and welcome.

I’m Gail, owner/practitioner of SumetBodyworx. Passionate about a career in the area of Holistic Health and shortly after receiving my qualifications, in 2015, I fulfilled my dream and commenced my own Practice.

I hold accredited qualifications in Masterclass level Bowen Therapy, Myofunctional Lymphatic Drainage and Complex Decongestive Therapy, and Scar Tissue Release. A love of learning and sharing has also seen me train other therapists in the skill of Scar Tissue Release and mentor newly qualified practitioners.

I love what I do and the results my clients achieve. A holistic approach enables me to do this and provide clients with whole-of-body pain relief by combining this unique combination from 3 modalities.

So how can I help you?

Bowen Therapy is:

  • a non-manipulative technique addressing the muscles and fascia enabling your body to move from the state of ‘fight and flight’ (pain and discomfort) to ‘rest and restore’ (relaxation)
  • addresses your body’s musculo-skeletal structures, autonomic, central and peripheral nervous systems and is suitable for babies in-utero through to the elderly.

Myofunctional Lymphatic Drainage/Complex Decongestive Therapy (MLD/CDT) is:

  • a gentle massage technique to support and detox the body’s lymphatic system and improves your immune system, addresses lymphoedema and lipoedema
  • a support to carry cellular waste, toxins, infection away from the tissues to be eliminated from your body
  • combined with CDT (bandaging, compression, exercise and diet) which is essential care elements for anyone suffering from oedema (swelling). It is exceptionally helpful for recovery from surgery, sport, or trauma.

Scar Tissue Release is:

  • a very gentle hands-on technique, when applied, does not use forceful manipulation and is applied at your level of comfort making it highly successful for those who have undergone cancer treatment and present highly sensitive to touch
  • important for any scar, which, if left untreated regardless of the age of the scar, can have a huge impact on the movement of your fascia, range of motion/movement and emotional well-being

Like to chat further? Please call me on 0417 005510. As part of your first appointment with me I will conduct a full body assessment and provide you with aftercare support.

You can also find further information and follow along on:



Centenary Natural Therapies: Therapeutic Remedial Massage

If you are weighed down by stiff, sore, tired, aching muscles, our experienced remedial massage therapists will soon have your body feeling free and relaxed again.

Remedial massage is the application of various techniques to the soft tissue and muscular structures which benefit the musculoskeletal, circulatory-lymphatic, nervous and other systems of the body and positively influence our overall health and well-being.

Like acupuncture, remedial massage is also recognised as one of the oldest methods of healing. When applying remedial massage Brisbane’s CNTC masseurs and masseuses use a combination of techniques which include kneading, rocking, holding, compression, friction, vibration and the application of fixed or moveable pressure, often applied with the hands but when necessary using the forearms or elbows.

There are many benefits of effective remedial massage:-

  • By relieving tired and aching muscles, and loosening tight muscles, it will increase your flexibility and range of motion and relax your entire body, both physically and mentally.
  • As well as calming the nervous system, lowering both blood pressure and your heart rate, it can also strengthen the immune system, reduce mental stress and tension headaches, and reduce pain.
  • Remedial massage is also used to promote restful sleep, improve concentration and assist mental relaxation.

Contact Centenary Natural therapies to book your appointment with Dale or Lisa or book online.

For more information, visit;

Or call

Centenary Natural Therapies Clinic
My Jindalee Village
62 Looranah St
Jindalee QLD 4074

07 3376 6911

Lisa Williams, Remedial Massage Therapist

“I have been practising as a remedial massage therapist since 1999, and joined the CNTC clinic in 2001..

When I was 16 a car hit me on my way to school, which led to many years of lower back, neck and shoulder pain, and sciatica down both my legs. Massage made my life bearable, and I realised that this was my true vocation. It was clear to me that I needed to strengthen my body to support my injuries, and so I trained in kickboxing and Tai Chi for a number of years. Naturally, part of the process is learning how to maintain your body for the long term. It has been a very diverse and difficult journey, to say the least, however in all honesty I wouldn’t be the therapist I am today without experiencing that event in my life.

I combine a variety of techniques to create a massage tailored to each individual’s problem and condition. For example, when a client’s body has alignment problems, I will often include Finch Therapy in my treatments. After performing an extensive assessment, I use Finch Therapy MATS (Muscle Activation Techniques) to make corrections to the client’s alignment for a variety of structural imbalances. For some of my clients, this therapy has been the only source of freedom from pain for them.

I have proven success in treating hip and lower back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder problems, tennis/golfers elbow, and RSI. Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a therapy I have successfully used to relieve the accumulation of fluid in client’s arms after a mastectomy and/or the removal of lymph glands, or to help clear toxins from their body through their lymphatic system. I am also a qualified and experienced reflexologist.

I love being a Remedial Massage Therapist, and outside of the clinic I also treat six high-support disabled clients, some of whom I have been seeing since 1999. It gives me a great deal of personal satisfaction to help ease some of their aches and pains. Previously I also provided treatment for several aged clients in nursing homes.”

Dale Christoff, Remedial Massage Therapist

Dale has been practicing as a Remedial Massage Therapist since 2010. He is dedicated to providing effective science-based treatments for muscle, spinal and joint problems, and is particularly interested in the scientific approach to treating pain.

‘I believe that, once you have a thorough understanding of how a client’s body is working, and have then tailored the right treatment for them, the vast majority of muscle and joint stiffness and pain can be effectively treated. I like to give my full focus and attention to my client’s condition when I am treating them, yet still create a very warm and friendly experience at the same time.’

What do I do?

‘If you have any body aches and pains, or if something feels out of place, then please come and see me. My greatest strengths are in

  • Helping people suffering from chronic / persistent pain
  • Back, neck and shoulder issues, including headaches / migraines
  • Hip and pelvic issues, including sciatica
  • General muscle and joint issues
  • Pregnancy and postnatal realignment, and support for maternal aches and pain
  • Manual lymphatic drainage

I work by determining the underlying causes for many musculo-skeletal and connective tissue problems, and then developing a treatment program designed to relax the muscle tension, decrease the pain, increase range of motion, and restore the right balance to the soft tissue structures of the body.

‘Before studying massage I worked in landscaping. Years of heavy work led to lower back pain that at one point had me lying flat on my back for two weeks, unable to even put on my shoes. It took 6 weeks before I was back to normal duties. As I attempted to find ways to manage my ongoing episodes, I tried Remedial Massage and was impressed by how much it helped me resolve my pain and allowed me to continue working.

In hindsight I realised that if I had sought Remedial Massage earlier it wouldn’t have taken me 6 weeks to get back to work.
For my wife also, Remedial Massage has been the most effective way we’ve found to support and correctly align her body during pregnancy, for optimal birth, and while caring for newborns. It has been great for our children as well, to manage and align their growing bodies as they juggle active lifestyles with sitting at school desks for hours.
I realised this was my true calling; I wanted to help people the way my family had been helped.
During my massage career I have spent time working alongside chiropractors and have also been mentored by physiotherapists. As a result I have a wealth of knowledge and experience that have moulded me into a highly effective therapist.’

What to Expect

‘During your initial appointments I will usually perform a detailed assessment to fully understand your unique case, which may include a postural analysis and orthopaedic assessment.

Healing should happen naturally; if your body is struggling I would love to help you find a way to resolve what is holding your body back.’