Yoga Australia Event: Hasta Mudra Workshop, April 20 2024



Hasta Mudra Workshop 20th April 2024

Maximize Health and the Joy of Life

Presenter: John J Smith Certified 350 hours yoga teacher, Heartfulness certified meditation trainer

Saturday 20th april     10am – 1pm at Centenary Yoga

Cost:  $45.00 non Yoga Australia members

This workshop will be an introduction to the Hasta Mudras, Yogic Hand Gestures as an energetic modality.  Mudras are a simple powerful way to bring about balance and improved health.

You will experience more than 10 different hand positions and learn how they can assist with elements such as concentration, intuition, heart health, balance and stability. And beauty!

The workshop will conclude with Relaxation and Yoga Nidra.

Mudras are a set of subtle physical movements that can change one’s mood, attitude, or perspective. And which help to increase concentration and alertness. A mudra can be a simple hand position or it can encompass the entire body.

Mudra means “seal” or “closure” in Sanskrit. The science of Mudras, a part of Yoga is based on the fundamental principles of life, namely the five Elements: the five Pranas and the three Doshas. The ancient yogis known as Rishis discovered that the whole universe was made up of these five elements and they also deduced that the human structure is a miniature form of the universe.

We use these gestures mostly in meditation or in  breathing practice to direct the flow of energy within the body by using the hands. When we place our hands in yoga mudras, we stimulate different areas of the brain and create a specific energy circuit in the body.

Come along to our 3hour workshop with refreshments. Please follow this link to the Yoga Australia website

Official Yoga Australia Event: Hasta Mudra Workshop


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