The Real Me Book

The Real Me book by Sarah Mills

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The Real Me book by Sarah Mills



The Real Me Book

The Real Me is an 11 week inquiry course to guide you in the discovery & recovery of your most authentic self. You are the experimenter, the experimentee and the experiment, and The Real Me is your guide.

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of authenticity; if I was born into a different culture, family, social stratum, and with different experiences, which foundational elements of Me would have remained the same?

And you – what have you been holding back, holding in, ignoring, burying or diluting?  Which talents, interests and values have been unacknowledged and undeveloped? Which elements of your Real Me are you completely unaware or do you deliberately block or shun? Are there parts of your Real Me in shadow; of which you’re completely unaware?

We’ve all been shaped by cultural norms, education, family, society, life experiences and others’ expectations, as well as trauma. We’ve all sidelined some of our best & truest instincts to ‘fit in’. Of some elements, we’re very aware, whilst others have been buried deep.

It’s time to excavate.

The Real Me course will enable you to gently uncover and recover your Realness. You’ll engage in simple exercises, use Real tools and the direct the powerful light of your own awareness. It’s an inquiry course, so you’ll be asked a lot of Questions. And you’ll be taught how to listen, and interpret your unique answers.

It’s simple, but not easy.

Over the 11 weeks, you’ll uncover, discover & recover elements of your Real Me as MeRightNow, as well as providing a path into your most authentic future. I’ll assist you to explore your unique purpose whilst recognising & shaking loose the choices and behaviours that aren’t really You at all.

It’s your life, and only you can do this work. You owe it to your best life, your best & most creative work, your family, community and the planet to show up  every day as The Real Me.

About the Author  Sarah Mills

You know Sarah Mills as your Yoga teacher and the face of Centenary Yoga. Sarah is styling herself as a contemporary author of both ancient and modern understandings.

She is passionate about Yoga, family, nature, music & connection, and helping everybody find their balance, strength, vitality & their Real Me.

This is Sarah’s first book, though she was awarded 2nd prize for a short story in the English Teachers Association of Queensland Literary Competition a few years back, which re-ignited her love of writing. She might write a novel, or two, next.

Thanks to John Smith, our wonderful Centenary Yoga teacher and printer (TTR print management) for printing these beautiful books.

Hard copies are $30 pick up or $36 with postage in Australia. If collecting from Sarah or studio, please pay only  $30 via direct bank transfer.

If you’d like your copy signed, please indicate in payment msg and check your address is current.

Namaste & Thank you

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  1. I highly recommend this book (even after reading thousands of self help books in the past over the last 15 years), it was & still is (as I am slowly journeying through this book with myself for myself) such an amazing reminder of questions, tools & techniques that cost nothing and can be used daily to help me rediscover the true myself daily & remain in TheRealMe…which I really desire to be as much as possible….I really enjoy how simple Sarah made it look like hihi, though the work itself (don’t be fooled) is not easy at all, but if you wanna know yourself better & give others the gift of TheRealYou, then it’s definitely worth it, thank you for the inspiration Sarah, well done.

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