Term Three 2018

Day Time Class Teacher Notes
Tuesday 6:30 – 7:45 pm General to Intermediate Yoga Sarah Note - new time for remainder of 2018
Wednesday 6:30 – 7:45 pm Back to Basics Lucky For beginners, returners & anyone who would like a slower, more instructive class
Thursday 9:30 – 10:45am General Yoga Nuria
Thursday 5.45 – 7:00 pm General Yoga Nuria
Saturday 8:00 – 9.15 am Align and Flow Sarah, Lucky or Nuria Energising morning class to bring on your weekend!
Sunday 4:30 – 5:45 pm General Yoga Yu
Last Sunday each month 2 - 4 pm Deep Restorative Sarah or Nuria $25 per class or use your Unlimited Pass. Maximum 20 students

Fourth Quarter 2018 Focus: Integrative practises; whole body lengthening & strengthening, breathwork and meditation.

TERM four 
Spring into Summer Practises; Looking forward to seeing you on your mat 🙂

Our Fourth quarter bring us into integrative practises which will incorporate intermediate breathwork and meditation. We’ll be practising gentle as well as more dynamic movements to mobilise and strengthen your whole body. This can be achieved through a range of soft openings and vinyasa sequences. Vinyasa literally means in Sanskrit  'to place in a special way' and relates to moving the body in co-ordination with the breath, gradually building the sequences according to one's progress and development.  We'll be incorporating foundational standing, prone (on your belly) and supine (on your back) postures which work to actively lengthen and strengthen your whole body. Active, passive and supported backbends and forward bends will be further explored and developed . For those who wish to learn or develop a headstand &/or shoulderstand practice, we’ll continue to incorporate headstands and shoulderstands tailored to your confidence and experience. We’ll delve into aspects of mindfulness meditation and breathing practises;  We'll also continue to incorporate restorative postures, as we all need more rest and introspection to balance our busy minds and extraordinary lives.  A variety of pranayama (breathing) exercises, guided meditation and complete relaxation sequences  form part of each class.

General Yoga Class

5 class, 10 class passes are available, as are 10 week* passes
Casual attendance welcome
Please refer to the Passes and Classes page for more information on prices

A wonderful balance of medium paced asana practice, pranayama (breath practice), meditation and relaxation. One class will leave you feeling energised and relaxed! Regular practice will increase your flexibility, strength and energy levels as well as calming your mind for better quality of life.

*10 week passes are in alignment with the Qld School Terms; with one week break in between terms

Deep Restorative Yoga

Last Sunday of the month, from 2-4pm.
Next dates are 30 Sept and 28 Oct. Booking in is recommended, as there are only 20 spaces.
Pay in person on the day, or online here

Enjoy an afternoon of slow, supported and deeply relaxing asana sequences and pranayama (breath practice) with Nuria. This is a wonderful class for gently encouraging flexibility in the body with a focus on relaxing into each and every movement. It is an ideal practice if you are experiencing stress, recovering from or experiencing illness, or simply to calm your restless mind. Restorative Yoga can assist in bringing balance back to your mind, body and life to find greater well-being.

This month we will also be accompanied by Adam from Soundscapes Music and Zenith Holistic Healing!
Your experience will be enhanced with the soothing tones of guitar, flute and crystal singing bowls. Sound vibrations have a unique potential to bring healing, balance and a sense of well-being to the 'energetic'  body. If you have never experienced this before, come along and try it out. We would love to see you there!