YoGA for Spring!

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Yoga for Spring!

As we move out of the heaviness of winter; our practise becomes more invigorating! Winter is traditionally a time when we can become introspective and crave heavier foods. Come spring, we may wake earlier and yearn to become more active and try new things. Simplify and Spring Clean! It’s a great time to use some simple detoxifying practises such as lemon water upon rising to cleanse the tissues and release toxins. Did you know one of the principal ways our body releases toxins is through our breath? Keeping our breath long and relaxed all day is a great & simple way to keep our body and mind balanced.

Our Spring practise will work with flowing sequences as well as lots of twists and forward folding postures. These asanas squeeze and massage the digestive organs, bringing fresh blood and energy flows to assist the release of tension and toxins. We will learn some variations of the Sun salutation and always explore the edges of our comfort zones!